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West End 
Food Pantry 


Saint James,
Together, figuring out what it means to be Jesus-followers. We are open to all people in our worship community as we discover our place in God’s world.

How can we pray for you?



Making Lives Better
for Neighbors in Clay County

The week of July 16th, Saint James is sending a team to help make homes of folks in Clay County, WV warmer, safer and drier. Here's how you can help: (1) we are still looking for team members. Skills aren't required, just the desire to help others! (2) donate funds to help cover the cost of some supplies and a rental vehicle. Please mark checks with ASP or mission if you donate online.


we’re casual

You don’t need a suit and tie…but we won’t judge you if that’s how you roll! Some of us enjoy dressing up and others enjoy the feel of flip-flops.

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