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1/21 Worship Theme- I Didn’t Hear You?!

We are beginning a new series, God Is Calling, with the story of two courageous midwives, Shiphrah and Puah. Never heard of them? That doesn’t make their calling any less dramatic nor the consequences of their call any less vital.

This new series is going to focus on everyday folks from the Bible who were there when God needed them, when humanity needed them. People sometimes say they aren’t “faithful like (put any Bible character’s name you know here).” God didn’t call you to be that person or even the people whose stories we’re going to hear over the next four weeks. God has a unique call for you that will reveal the specific way you are meant to bear God’s likeness.

God IS calling. Will you listen and respond? Join us online or in person this Sunday as we launch this series!


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