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A community of worship, prayer, and growing closer to God

Saint James takes seriously our call to be active in our community. Finding ways in our lives to help all of God’s people is the best way we know how to live out Jesus’ amazing love.

Some Things About Sunday Worship:

  • Worship begins at 11am in person or on our live-steam at HERE.

  • We sing modern worship songs, hymns, and practice a time of centering in addition to the sermon.

  • Children are welcome to be present throughout the entire worship service. We also offer a special program for children that begins after the music and return before communion.

What to expect Sunday at Saint James

1. If you arrive before worship, you will enter our warm, accessible worship (appropriately heated or cooled based on the season) where you may get a beverage (coffee or juice) and popcorn. If you’re early, there may be only a dozen or so folks hanging out. They will try to respect your space, but do not be surprised by a robust greeting from someone with the offer of an intro to the pastor. No pressure!  Worship begins around 11:00am (we call it “11-ish”) with a welcome and singing; the words are projected on a screen in the front of the worship center. 

2. Several songs into worship, you’ll note there are more folks trickling in and there is a moment to “center,” to breathe and be present. More singing. Maybe another prayer. We try to be awake to the movement of God’s spirit and each week there is a variation in the worship order (yes, there is order). 

3. The morning “preacher” comes down/forward/over depending on where they are sitting. A story, some scripture, and a message about living our God-connection in the everyday world is followed by a more “formal” time of prayer with the Lord’s Prayer. (Don’t know what that is? Jesus modeled it for his followers. The words will be projected on the screen and you can choose to repeat them aloud with the group or not.) 

4. Next comes communion (every week), a symbolic meal with bread (gluten-free, paleo, gluten-filled are offered) and grape juice; everyone is welcome and invited to come forward to share in it. After communion, there will be a sending-out thought shared by one of the worship team, based on what the message/sermon was about. A short song or chorus and a “have-a-great-week” wish and you’re welcome to go, to hang out, unless you’ve already headed out.

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