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3/18 Worship- Jesus Call ‘Em as He Sees ‘Em

Mark 10:17-22. Jesus spent somewhere between one and three years teaching the people, proclaiming the Kingdom, and healing the sick. He got requests and questions from all sides; in this story, a man wants to know the requirements for this Kingdom of which Jesus speaks. Jesus clarifies the man’s question and answers directly.

That was the way Jesus handled things. “What you see is what you get.” That is certainly one reason to take him seriously. He was authentic and lovingly pulled no punches.

The question for us is: how does that translate for us, living 2000 years after Jesus’ personal ministry? How can we learn from who Jesus was to apply that knowledge to us? That is our next question in the #TakingJesusSeriously series! Join us Sunday at 11am in person or online


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