4/8 Worship- Love Your Neighbor. Really?

Come on, Jesus! This seems like a tall order in this world, to love the neighbor. If I am really honest, I have a tough enough time loving my family! Wait a second, are they my neighbors, too? Jesus, I just want to say that I cannot believe you were serious about loving the neighbor. It is challenging and uncomfortable. Wait, you are saying you were, and still are, serious about this? Then how do I do it?

This is a glimpse into the internal dialogue of Pastor James as he is preparing the message for Sunday. The question, “How do I love my neighbor,” was submitted to be included among the You Asked For It Sermon Series which begins this week (you can still submit a question or sermon topic for James). Join us Sunday for loving your neighbor as we kick off our new series. We’ll gather at 11AM in person or online at