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A Great Year

What a year we’ve had at Saint James! We’ve grown in numbers; we have grown in outreach to the community, which includes bringing the West End Food Pantry to our Mission House. Our team feeds hungry folks on the West End and helps to make people’s homes safer; we work locally with Rebuilding Together and in Tennessee with Appalachia Service Project.

Worship continues to be an experience of God’s Presence in our everyday lives. James Donley is doing exceptional work. He leads worship, directs our social media outreach, and helps to lead our shared ministry.

Our children’s ministry is also growing. While we were sad to lose Hannah Henry to a move earlier this year, we were excited to hire Madison Nalewanski in the late summer. Her leadership has been a real blessing to our children; Madison has also brought new insights to our leadership team.

You may be saying to yourself how great we are doing and you are correct. Additionally, you may be asking, “What can I do?” Pray for our ministries and the people of the West End of Alexandria. Give your time to serve in our ministries. Give financially to support the work we are doing. Invite others to be part of what we are doing! We cannot do this work without you!


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