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Begin with Humility

As I sat pondering the passages for this weekend, I could not hope but notice a recurring theme of humility. Honor can only come from the other and not from a false sense of personal value. The passage from Hebrews sums it up as:

Let mutual love continue. (NRSV)


Keep loving each other like family. (CEB)

Where is it we are meant to find the "grounding," the humility (literally "on the ground" from the Latin; root word hummus meaning "ground, dirt") to be in community with one another? We are meant to find it in mutual love which is always building the other up. The honor is in honoring the other, the love is in loving the other.

This Sunday we will take up community, humility, connection, and honor as the foundation for our faith. Join us at 11AM Eastern in person or online.


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