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Darkest Before the Dawn

In the penultimate week of our Lenten series, "Healing Journeys: Embracing Grief and Presence," the sermon "Darkest Before the Dawn: The Promise of Passion Week" guides us through the somber depths of Passion Week to the hopeful light of Resurrection. Reflecting on the narratives from Luke 22:47-53, Luke 23:44-46, and John 20:1-18, we journey from the despair of Jesus' betrayal and crucifixion to the awe-inspiring moment of His resurrection. This week emphasizes the profound parallels between the darkness experienced by Jesus’ followers and our personal moments of grief and loss, inviting us to sit with our sorrows and uncertainties while holding onto the promise of divine deliverance. This sermon encourages us to embrace the waiting and the silence of Holy Saturday, preparing our hearts for the joy and renewal that Easter Sunday promises, embodying the transformative power of Christ's resurrection in our lives.


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