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Dreaming God's Dream

In the concluding sermon of our "Faith Forward: Navigating Tomorrow's Spirituality" series, titled "Dreaming God's Dream," we will explore the theme of hope and our participatory role in co-creating the future with God. Drawing on Jeremiah 29:11 and Revelation 21:1-5, this message will inspire us with a vision of hope for a future filled with promise and possibility. We'll reflect on how God invites each of us to be active participants in bringing about a world characterized by love, peace, and justice. This sermon encourages us to envision and work towards a future not as passive observers but as co-creators with God, using our gifts, talents, and actions to contribute to a new heaven and a new earth. Through this message, we are called to embrace a hopeful outlook for the future, recognizing our role in shaping a world that reflects God's dream for humanity.


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