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A Crown of Kindness

As we approach the culmination of the Christian year this Sunday, right before the advent of Advent and the anticipatory journey towards Christmas, we delve into a profound exploration: the true essence of Christ's kingship. But what does it mean for Christ to be a king? This notion challenges our conventional understanding of kingship, which often conjures images of worldly power and material wealth—elements Jesus neither sought nor endorsed. Instead, He offered a different narrative, one symbolized by the parable of the sheep and the goats—a story not of earthly grandeur, but of divine judgment, hinging on our compassion and treatment of one another.

So, what does the kingdom of God, as heralded by Jesus, truly embody? It's a realm where the crown isn't adorned with jewels but woven with acts of kindness and selfless service. This Sunday at 11AM Eastern, join us in a journey of discovery as we explore "A Crown of Kindness" and unravel the enigmatic yet enlightening concept of kingship in Christ's teachings. Together, let's seek to understand how this vision of royalty can transform our lives and the world around us.


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