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Seeing and Believing

Dive into our next sermon, "Seeing and Believing," as we navigate the intricate dance between faith and doubt through the lens of Doubting Thomas (John 20:24-29). This sermon will explore the often misunderstood journey of Thomas, whose doubts pave the way for a profound declaration of faith. Together, we will uncover the beauty in our questions and the strength in our seeking, learning that our doubts do not disqualify us from faith but rather draw us deeper into the heart of God. Whether you find yourself in a place of unwavering belief or are grappling with questions, this message is a reminder that Christ meets us exactly where we are, inviting us into a faith that is not blind but sees and believes. Join us as we discover that it's in the very act of seeking that we encounter the risen Christ, transforming our doubts into declarations of faith.


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