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Holy Saturday- The Pause

My friend, Sarah Calvert, shared this post this morning on her Facebook feed. I thought it both wise and worth sharing:

Grateful for the Holy Saturday pause. We don’t pause enough. Pause to breathe. Pause before speaking. Pause to listen to others well, and pause in the seeming silence. Pause to enjoy. Pause to master a discipline. A pause like today gives space between the horror of knowing we were fully implicated in the horrors of Good Friday and completely undeserving of the Easter sunrise. May our pauses bring us wisdom and solace and gratitude.    -Sarah Calvert

Sarah is so right. We do not pause much if at all. Perhaps today is the day (whatever day you’re reading this) is a day to press the pause button, even if for only a few moments. Pause. Breathe. Listen. Pause.

A thought for Holy Saturday, a day between Good Friday and Easter…

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